First importer
in CIS countries

Who are we?  


Since 2009 we have been the official supplier of natural feed additives in Russia and CIS. These high-quality natural feed additives are produced by the world's leading manufacturers for all kinds of agricultural animals, including poultry and fish.  


Our slogan - Nature to you - reflects the basic idea of the company: natural healthy products to improve the efficiency of your business.   


Our staff - highly qualified specialists and experts of the agricultural sphere. We work together taking care of environment and ensuring the health of future generations.


We think much of our customers. Each of us is aware of his role in the working process and always ready to assist in solving any problems for the development of productive mutually beneficial cooperation.


What do we do? 


Delivering high-quality natural feed additives, we offer effective solutions to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your business. As a result you produce environmentally friendly products.


How do we do it? 


We choose our suppliers of products carefully and carry out strict quality control of realized goods. You can be absolutely sure that we have all the necessary registration documents and certificates for each of our product. We offer only feed additives which meet all the necessary safety and environmental requirements.


We are fond of the idea of not only effective and safe animal nutrition, but also of producing healthy products for people. Our goal is the health of future generations. We are well aware of the contribution to this trend, because the quality of products depends on the feed components. Eventually we will get these products on our table, not only today, but also tomorrow.